Expert Webinar: Foreign Currency Payments

Foreign Currency Payments Webinar

MHA Carpenter Box has partnered with TransferMate to offer our clients international money transfers. TransferMate offers an international payment service to over 15,000 global organisations.

TransferMate provide an award winning solution together with MHA Carpenter Box to enable businesses to save time and money every time on each international payment they make or receive.

From TransferMate:

“Our online platform enables clients to login and book payments at much more competitive exchange rates than banks and that payments are also sent faster! TransferMate put on daily webinars for businesses interested in saving money on their international payments and would be happy to schedule a webinar with you.” – Anthony Mulligan, Business Development Manager, TransferMate Global Payments

Topics and questions covered during the webinar:

  1. How do clients book and compare using our online platform?
  2. How do payments apps for Xero, Sage, NetSuite, QuickBooks and SAP save you time on double entry?
  3. Using our global bank network, how do TransferMate eliminate fees for both senders and receivers?
  4. How do you upload batch payment information?
  5. How can clients request an international payment from an overseas client?
  6. How can clients send an international payment to an overseas supplier?
  7. How can clients protect their business from currency volatility?

To find out more about international payments, simply email or phone 0207 659 9185, and we’ll book you onto a webinar.